Why Renting Scaffolding Equipment Is Better Than Buying

We understand that sometimes it can be confusing to determine whether or not a piece of equipment is worth the investment. So, we’re here to show you why we think renting scaffolding equipment is better than buying. 

Scaffolding is a must-have for all construction projects, both big and small. It provides safety in high areas or along rough sections of the structure you’re working on that otherwise would be too dangerous without scaffolds to use as support when operating at height with no other option.

There are various benefits to renting scaffolding equipment from a construction equipment rental provider. Let’s take a look at the reasons renting scaffolding for your project may just be the right choice for you and your team.

#1. You Have a Short-Term Project

Scaffolding is a great investment for contractors of all sizes. You can tackle large or small projects with ease and quickly get moving on your larger projects. Consider renting if short-term use will be the only time that particular type of equipment needs to be used – this may make sense when starting out as well, since buying may not make sense for a smaller operation with more limited capital (more on this in #5.) 

#2. Guarantee the Safety of Workers

When it comes to construction, scaffolds provide many benefits. A quality rental can keep workers safe while they’re climbing and reach higher points more efficiently, which helps protect those on-site and allows them to feel comfortable during challenging projects. If you need scaffolding for your project to ensure the safety of your workers, but don’t have the money or space to store the equipment long-term, then renting scaffolding is a great option.

#3. Cost-Effectiveness

You may be investing in scaffolding to make your project more efficient and save money. But when you purchase large pieces of equipment, it is important that they are maintained, or you risk higher costs in the long run on repair and emergency maintenance — which can cost you valuable time and money on time-sensitive projects. Renting allows all maintenance and repairs to be handled by the rental service entirely – saving time, money, and energy.

#4. Work More Efficiently

The use of scaffolding is an excellent way to get higher points without requiring more expensive heavy machinery. This makes it ideal whether you’re working on a significant exterior improvement or interior work, especially if your goal is improved efficiency and reducing hours worked.

#5. Resolve Issues With Equipment Storage

If you intend to purchase your own scaffolding equipment, you will need to find a secure location to store everything. The most notable disadvantage of owning scaffolds is the difficulty of obtaining suitable storage space, particularly if you are handling multiple projects. In such a case, scaffolding rental can ensure that you will not encounter any problems with scaffolding storage, and you won’t have to worry about paying a storage rental fee before or after projects.

#6. Total Liability Will Be Reduced

Renting scaffolding equipment reduces your level of liabilities in a big way. First, the company will deliver and collect it for you on-site — so any damages that could arise during transport won’t involve you or your company. Many rental companies install or dismantle their own equipment at the time of the rental and maintain top condition after arrival — meaning there is no need to purchase insurance against damage (which would be very costly.)

#7. Protection Against Depreciation 

Renting scaffolding is the best way to go to protect yourself against asset depreciation. The minute you purchase new equipment, its value will drop after just one use. With every day that passes by and with each project completed, the asset value decreases a little more. 

Why Is Renting Scaffolding a Brilliant Option?

Scaffolding rental services are often the best alternative available for individuals and businesses who do not have the capabilities to establish and dismantle a scaffolding platform. The expertise and equipment necessary to install and dismantle scaffolding differ from project to project. For that reason, renting scaffolds gives you an entry to a team of experts who can assist you in effectively erecting and dismantling the scaffolding, regardless of your project specifications.

Rent the Right Tool for the Job 

You probably agree that safety is not a luxury, it’s a requirement for every worksite. You’ll never go wrong with an extra scaffold, or a state-of-the-art power generator. At Elephant Construction Solutions, we offer you and your team all of the equipment you need to get the job done. We have everything you need–including scaffolding, power tools, air compressors, power generators, lawn mowers and nail guns–to get your project done quickly and safely. 

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