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Elephant Construction Solutions is a latino-family-owned business starting operations in 2020. We combine many years of experience in different fields to finally offer you, our customer, a real solution of tools and equipment so you can be more productive.


We believe that values are the North Star for anyone, including businesses, because they provide purpose and guide us towards our goals; that’s why we embrace the following four:

Power Tool Rental


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

Yes. Like any other rental service, we will need a deposit from you. The amount depends on the item(s) you rent. This is information you will get when we prepare a quote for you.

If you are going to pay at our front desk, you can pay cash, debit, and all major credit cards. If you use our delivery service, you can pay over the phone for debit or credit card, but the driver will not accept cash.

Yes, we do, but keep in mind that this additional service needs to be scheduled in advance. Our office will gladly assist you with this. You may be eligible for free delivery/pick-up service depending on the distance.

In most cases, yes. We can work out a rent-to-own deal if it fits your needs. Please ask our sales representative to provide more information about this.

No, that runs entirely on your end. Our inventory is insured, but that doesn’t mean that you -or whoever uses our tools and equipment- are covered for personal injury or death. This will be disclosed in detail on the paperwork you’ll need to sign upon renting any of our products.

It won’t be a problem as long as you let our office know in advance. Otherwise, you may incur in penalties.

You will have to present your drivers’ license and sign a contract with all the details about the service you are getting.

If the equipment you are renting requires it (like a ride-on mower), yes, the trailer wagon will be included. You can also rent trailer wagons from us for any other purpose. Contact us for more information about size and load capacity.

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