Electric Blowers Vs. Gasoline Blowers: Which Is Best For The Job?

It’s that time again, the big tree in your yard has shed its leaves and now the clean up begins. Raking can be hard on the back if you have a bigger yard and honestly, who has that kind of time? No one wants to spend their Saturday cleaning up leaves and dirt from the yard or garden. That’s where the leaf blower comes in! Always at the ready, a leaf blower takes only a fraction of the time manually cleaning them up would.

Deciding which kind of leaf blower is right for you and your needs can take some research to figure out. From independent contractors to construction workers and even DIY home use, blowers are great for anyone’s skill level. This article will help you make your choice between the three main types of blower by going over the pros and cons of each.

Gas Leaf Blowers

Gas leaf blowers are, as their name implies, gas powered. The engine uses gas as fuel to drive the turbine, which causes the air pressure to increase and to blow debris where you want. There are a few types of gas-powered leaf blowers on the market, such as:

  • Handheld – best for smaller properties
  • Backpack – help cover larger areas
  • Wheeled – for large expanses, as they can hold more gas than the backpack or handheld types

Pros of Gas Blowers:

  • More powerful than electric blowers
  • A favorite for landscapers who have large areas to clean up and move leaves, plant debris and dirt around the property
  • Great for commercial use as the backpack; wheeled types can cover large areas without needing refueling
  • All types are portable with no need for a cord
  • Quick and efficient to use

Cons of Gas Blowers:

  • Quite noisy – at over 100dB, they can not only wake the neighbors, but you will want to wear some headphones or earplugs for hearing protection
  • Heavier than their electric counterparts – can cause strain on your back if you aren’t in good physical shape or prepared for the weight
  • More expensive than electric blowers – and they also do need more regular maintenance due to the nature of combustion
  • You must have gas and oil at the ready to refill the blower when you need to use it

Electric Blowers

Because of their tendency to not be as loud as their gas counterparts, as well as being lightweight enough for most people to be able to handle, electric blowers are quite popular with the residential crowd. They are also the most affordable options on the market. There are two categories of electric blowers that need distinguishing when it comes to their advantages and disadvantages – battery and electric cord blowers.

Battery Powered/Cordless Blower

Pros of Battery Powered/Cordless Blowers

  • Great for small to medium sized properties
  • Quieter than gas powered blowers
  • No cord – you can get more of the property in one trip
  • Lightweight for easier handling

Cons of Battery Powered/Cordless Blowers:

  • Limited runtime 
  • Runtime can be extended with extra batteries, but carrying bulky extra batteries around a large property marrs the convenience
  • Not as powerful as gas blowers

Corded Blower

Pros of Corded Blowers:

  • More powerful than cordless blowers
  • Great for smaller properties
  • Very easy to use
  • Quieter than gas powered blowers

Cons of Corded Blowers:

  • Cord makes for limited mobility 
  • Heavier than it’s cordless counterpart

Based on your needs, you are probably already leaning heavily toward the choice that suits you. Smaller properties should lean toward handheld gas or corded while larger properties should use a backpack gas blower or an electric with extra battery pack. Hopefully this article helped you narrow down what type you will need for your next big gardening job or home improvement project.

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