What Kind Of Generator Do I Need For The Construction Site?

Generators are one of the most necessary pieces of equipment on a construction site. When a site needs considerable power and is either too far away from the power grid or the power grid simply cannot handle the amount of wattage needed from the site, a generator is essential to keep the job running smoothly.

Today, we will go over the importance of generators on the construction site as well as detail each type and their use to better help understand the functionality and necessity of this important piece of machinery.

What Is A Generator?

OK, let’s get a little technical for a minute here: A generator is a device that converts motive power (mechanical energy/kinetic energy) into electricity. A generator consists of a stator (stationary magnetic field) where a rotation electromagnet spins to produce electrical currents. The currents are channeled into the generator and distributed through external circuits

When construction companies need a lot of reliable, portable power, generators are used to convert fuel (typically gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or solar) into electricity. 

Importance Of On-Site Generators

Commercial generators serve many purposes at work sites. A generator provides essential power for various kinds of construction equipment, and generators also prevent any issues that are associated with outages. On-site generators are often used to power:

  • Machinery
  • Power tools
  • Air conditioning
  • Appliances
  • Lighting
  • Trailers for workers temp housing
  • Administrative office (computers, printers, lights, etc.)
  • Electric Heaters

Kinds Of Power Generators

There are a few different kinds of generators that can be found on a construction site, each with their own attributes and power levels. Below, we outline the most common and what they can do. 

High-Powered/Heavy Generators

These types are about to produce between 200kW and 25,000 kW of power which is great for large construction equipment that requires a lot of power. High powered generators provide massive amounts of power, which is essential for when a lot of the machinery or other equipment needs start-up voltage, which can be quite demanding. 

Medium Powered Generators

These types of generators are up around 5kW to 200kW and can produce the power needed on smaller sites helping to power tools and equipment that’s needed on a daily basis. This kind is the most common found on construction sites all over the country.

Stand-by/Small Generators

Any generator that produces below 5kW is considered a standby or small generator. These act as a stop-gap between the main power supply and, more often than not, are used to power the small appliances and offices as well. Standby generators are great stand-ins for if the power is out or being repaired.  This type is used the most when looked at throughout every application and even though it is small, it still packs a punch power-wise.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Benefits of On-Site Generators

Here are some of the useful features that generators provide when you use them on the construction site.

  • Generators are made to last through harsh weather and are great to use at construction sites regardless of location or time of year due to their robust design and dependability.
  • No matter the size, there’s a generator for every application. Be it large or portable, all you need is some fuel and you will get all the power you need.
  • Generators for construction sites usually provide a single or three-phase power output and that output range can vary depending on the use-case.
  • Most generators tend to have extended run time, allowing you to use the generated power all day. This helps make sure jobs get done fast and more efficiently.
  • Almost all generators on the market have covered outlets, so no matter what harsh conditions your site might be at, your generator will continue to work as long as you do.
  • Generators are a cost-effective way to power an entire construction site. The price of the unit you rent or buy will quickly pay for itself as the value adds up fast when you see how much electricity one of these machines can produce. For many applications, rental is the ideal solution, saving you a ton up-front and giving you the power you need for your project without the additional overhead.

Ready To Power Up Your Construction Site?

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