What Is An Earth Auger?

Got holes to dig? Whether you’re trying to dig a hole to put in a fence post or dig a hole for a new post to attach your new mailbox to — you’re going to need an earth auger to tackle that job. 

An earth auger makes it easy to tackle any hole, any size, no matter how deep into the earth you need to go. With so many different augers available, you’re sure to find one to meet your needs!

In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what an earth auger is, what the different types are, and some of the best uses for an earth auger. 

What Exactly Is An Earth Auger Anyway?

An earth auger is a drilling instrument used to pull soil up and then draw it out from the ground. It’s much like the drills you see being used in most construction projects — especially when there’s woodworking going on — but it bores bigger holes in larger surfaces. An auger allows you to drill holes consistent with each other in depth and width for a much quicker and cleaner installation. 

The auger’s “concave blade” allows you to pull soil up quicker, which is more efficient. Some augers use a “flat blade” when digging through hard ground, rocks, or concrete. A pilot hole is located at the end of the earth auger, and this pilot hole allows you to drill holes bigger than the diameter of the tool itself.

Augers consist of two main parts — the engine and the bit. Smaller engines are suitable for one person, but the larger engines will require it to be a two-person job.

The standard auger drill bit sizes include:

  • 4 inches
  • 6 inches
  • 8 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 18 inches

What Are The Different Types Of Earth Auger?

Now that you know a little bit about the earth auger and what it is, let’s go over the different types of earth augers that are available in the market. We hope this helps you when making an informed decision about renting an earth auger for your next hole digging project. 

#1. Two-Person Auger

This type of earth drill, as the names suggest, takes two people to operate — but their features make them the best drill to use for some more serious digging. 

  • Larger, more powerful engine
  • Grip and handles for two people
  • Heavyweight
  • Extra deep holes

Two-Person augers can weigh up to 70 pounds and draw on the power of a 1600cc engine or greater. This makes a two-person auger the best choice for rocky or clay-based soil. 

#2. Hand Auger

The hand auger is the simplest of the auger group of tools. They’re lightweight and quite portable, making them ideal for small jobs. A hand auger is also budget-friendly, with its inexpensive price tag making it more the go-to for the DIYers. 

A hand auger looks like a screwdriver with a long handle attached to it, allowing for greater flexibility ranging from 4-8 inches. Its shape, design, length, and weight make it perfect for a one-person show needing nothing more than a few small holes. 

#3. One-Person Auger

Similar to the hand auger is the one-person auger. A one-person auger is an ideal tool for hole digging that requires deeper drilling than a handheld auger. One-person augers are powered by a battery or an engine, making them ideal for digging holes to plant trees, digging holes for fence posts, or drilling through extra thick ice. 

#4. Earth Auger Drill Bits

This type of auger is commonly attached to machinery, such as excavators, mini loaders, and skid steers. Civil contractors and earthmoving operators mainly use this auger. Earth augers are the best augers to use for any task, from fencing to a scientific excavation.

3 Best Uses for an Earth Auger

Now that you know what an earth auger is and some of the different types, let’s go over what these things are most commonly used for.

#1. Gardening

The time for planting your garden may vary depending on the planting you prefer, but one thing is sure —  you need to make holes in the ground to plant, and it can be done using an earth auger drill. Using an auger will make you much more efficient. 

#2. Digging Holes for Fire Pits

Digging holes and turning them into something special is all part of the process that can add value to your home or land. Whether you want a fire pit for year-round celebrations, landscaping purposes, or add flowers in pots along walkways — having an auger on hand will simplify the hole digging process. 

#3. A Good Tool for Professional Landscapers and DIYers

We’ve learned that different materials are quicker to drill than others. Earth auger drills come with bits of different sizes that can accommodate a variety of materials from hard rock to soft soil. The blades and bits work together to prepare the surface for other activities such as building roads or bridges that require deep digging. 

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