What Can You Do With a Pancake Air Compressor?

When it comes to getting work done, it pays to work smarter, not harder. Air compressors can be useful in a wide range of environments and jobs, and all have a large spectrum of utility. 

Today, we will be exploring one of the smallest and most portable air compressor types available on the market: Pancake air compressors. Pancake air compressors are perfect for tasks around the house and on small jobs, tend to be very quiet, and have a sleeker, more compact design for easier portability and use.

What Is a Pancake Compressor?

Pancake compressors are small, portable air compressors that can be used at home as well as commercial jobs for necessary smaller volumes of air. Getting the name from its appearance, these compressors have a flat, oval-shaped tank that stores compressed air. 

Most pancake air compressors are small and highly portable, and run on household circuits. While a pancake compressor can provide a decent amount of air for lighter usage, it could be too small for industrial or heavy commercial use. Always check the air volume requirements for your tools before selecting a compressor.

Benefits of a Pancake Air Compressor

  • Versatility: Air compressors can be used for a variety of things, from quickly filling tires, to filling rafts, or for operating with other air tools.
  • Easy to use and maintain: With a simpler design, pancake air compressors are much easier to operate and maintain. 
  • Portability: Pancake compressors are lighter in weight, making them easier to move and take from job to job. Most include a handle for comfortable use.

Uses of a Pancake Air Compressor

From DIY projects to small workshops, a good quality pancake air compressor can offer enough power to run tools like nail guns, jackhammers, spray guns, drills, sanders, and many other pneumatic tools. While we typically think of air compressors to be used only for those specific tools, there are plenty of other jobs where you can put your compressor to work.

DIY Auto Repairs

You can use a pancake air compressor for small jobs in your home auto repairs like changing filters or a PCV valve. These devices are light enough to maneuver and reach tight spaces easily and save you time and energy when it comes to loosening bolts or quickly changing out parts.


One of the most popular uses for an air compressor is topping off tires of cars, motorcycles, or bicycles. Even smaller considerations like pool inflatables or balloons can save you from feeling lightheaded while manually inflating these items yourself. 

Cleaning Surfaces and Machinery

Cleaning with a basic leaf blower after working in the yard or in your garage can be done, but using a pancake compressor you’ll find that you can get a cleaner dusting for tighter spots in your workplace, and when cleaning various machinery. 

A pancake compressor doesn’t use as much pressure as a pressure washer, making it safer for your machine when cleaning and won’t potentially damage the surfaces you’re using it on. Anytime you’re using an air-powered machine, make sure to use the appropriate precautions, such as wearing all recommended PPE (personal protective equipment) and ensuring that others are out of the area when using pressurized air to clean surfaces or objects..

Multiple Tool Uses

  • Nail guns: You don’t need continuous air pressure for a nail gun, and only need short spurts of air when nailing down specific materials. Portable pancake air compressors allow you to work efficiently when it comes to simpler nailing work. 
  • Sandblasters: Sandblasters prepare different surfaces prior to treatment. Pancake air compressors provide low and steady air output when combined with an air sander tool, and won’t overheat like a traditional mechanical sander.
  • Painting: Pancake air compressors can be used to tackle paint jobs large and small. When painting large surfaces, using an air sprayer is much more convenient and can get the job done quicker, and also being smaller allows for more detailed work to be achieved as well.
  • Air Hammer: When you pair an air compressor with a hammer, you can use this compressed air to power the piston that creates a hammering action. Air hammers are convenient for DIY projects where you need to break through old tile, free up corroded nuts, or cut through sheet metal. They’re typically lightweight and can be used for various projects.
  • Impact Wrench: Tightening or loosening bolts can be an annoying hassle, but with a pneumatic air compressor, enough power can loosen even the rustiest nut. Aside from removal, you can similarly use this tool to fasten bolts without causing damage to walls or metal by adjusting pressure. 

Choosing a Portable Generator

A portable pancake compressor can be helpful in various ways, and whether you’re a hobbyist, DIYer, homeowner, or a professional, you can trust the professional service at Elephant Construction Solutions to help with any of your construction or power tool rental needs. 

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