Uses and Benefits of Portable Generators

In this modern world where electricity and the countless powered devices we use on a daily basis are a deeply integral part of everyday life, we are all in need of access to power in one capacity or another. For many professionals and homeowners alike, portable generators offer security and comfort in knowing you have accessible electricity for multiple possibilities. While we can invest in a standard generator in case of emergencies, having one that is portable specifically offers other benefits and uses.

Uses for Portable Generators

The bigger advantage of a portable generator is that it can be taken just about anywhere. In comparison to traditional generator units, a portable generator is much more compact and designed to be transported from site to site easily. While you may want to use it at home or for your business, it being easier to move can also give you the opportunity to take it to any offsite locations as well. Thanks to dependability and having a wide range of uses, homeowners and businesses alike all have made portable generators very popular over the years. 

1. Emergencies

Having the peace of mind that you have backup power during any emergency lets you focus on the situation instead of operating off of panic, which leaves room for mistakes and dire consequences. Traditional generators can occasionally fail for different reasons, so keeping a portable one handy helps you relieve any stress during any unforeseen conditions. 

In situations where electricity can be nonexistent for days, having power during this time can be a matter of life or death. If your business provides any essential services, you can’t afford to go without electricity for any length of time. Portable generators are great for first-responders and other medical professionals, especially in hospitals or clinics where these generators can end up saving lives. 

At home, during an emergency, we’re left worried about keeping perishable food from going to waste, or medical devices being powerless, especially during prolonged periods of time. Portable generators can help keep these essential appliances or machines in working order without skipping a beat. In some extreme weather cases that can be life-threatening, a generator can be used in staying cool or keeping warm during any power outages.

2. Standby Power

Even in less drastic matters, like routine power outages, keeping a standby generator lets everyone in your office or home operate normally. While we usually rely on grid power, a few hours of unusable equipment or loss of connection with customers could mean a significant loss of money in missed orders or notifications. 

Having extra generators ensures a consistent power supply, and that can mean the world for people with medical conditions at a hospital or at home, commercial businesses with heavy production, or those with pressing deadlines working from home or in an office.

3. Recreational Uses

While it’s fun to get off the grid and challenge ourselves to have limited access to our usual comforts, having a portable generator for a camping trip can add some luxuries to your trip when powering up lights, entertainment with electronics or projectors, camping appliances, or in keeping warm with heaters. 

For outdoor events in general, where electricity is harder to bring to a specific space, a generator is extremely helpful. In cases like concerts, parties, tailgating, festivals, weddings, carnivals, or markets, it is not uncommon to see several portable generators providing power for lighting, sound systems, heaters, charging stations, and more. By using more than one generator around a recreational site, whatever event you’re holding is far less likely to overload circuits or cause a disruptive power surge. 

4. Construction and Job Sites

Construction sites and other particular work environments are often cut off from having readily available power and often depend on generators to get the job done. Larger diesel generators are often used to support machinery and power tools. 

Not only for construction, portable generators can also be used for mining jobs, agriculture or other farming operations, nighttime maintenance crews, and anywhere else electricity is in demand for a worksite to operate smoothly. 

DIY projects at home can require a large amount of power, and being able to move your power supply can be extremely helpful when invested in a home project endeavor, and not affecting your home (or neighbor’s!) grid power.

Other Benefits Using a Portable Generator

  • Mobility: Portable generators are usually designed to be more compact and convenient to move around. A standard portable generator usually comes with a handle and 4 wheels to help with mobility. Its usual size makes these easier to carry by hand as well, and some are even small enough to fit in a bag.
  • Functional and easy to use: It doesn’t typically take too much effort to operate one of these generators, and most have basic instructions on how to add fuel and start your machine. The start mechanism can vary depending on what generator you have. Some come with circuit breaker protection to alleviate the worry of overloading, spark arrestors to prevent the risk of fire, voltage regulation, and low-oil protection that can make your equipment last longer and safer to use.
  • Peace of mind: In times of emergencies, having a source of power can be a lifesaver. Having electricity to power appliances, or having adequate light in the midst of a disaster can mean extra time to take care of other matters to assess a dire situation. In other random occurrences that disrupt your access to electricity, you can breathe easier knowing your important gadgets will remain running and prevent work or time lost due to something out of your control.

Choosing a Portable Generator

Owning a portable generator is a worthwhile investment to have for your home or business, but for smaller or more local jobs you should consider renting one. Whether you’re a company in need of equipment, a contractor needing high-quality tools, or a DIY enthusiast with a taste for your own remodel, you can trust the personalized service at Elephant Construction Solutions

If you’re on the construction site and in need of reliable power or are doing an important at-home DIY job, Elephant Construction Solutions can help. We offer generator rentals to keep any project — big or small — running smoothly, no matter the conditions. 

Reach out to us at Elephant Construction Solutions to get a free quote for any power tools or machinery you may need for your next job or project. Whether it’s as simple as a lawnmower, as important as scaffolding, or as small as a circular saw, we have the best in high-quality products you are looking for.


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