Types of Work You Probably Shouldn’t Try to DIY

DIY is a fantastic experience, and it’s something to be proud of when you’re done. This is especially true for some essential DIY items that need to be done around the house. No need to call someone and then wait for help  — or spend the extra money on having a professional do something you could easily handle yourself.. 

These days you can find a DIY tutorial online for just about anything. This availability of knowledge has changed how we do many things and has allowed us to learn things we would never have been able to otherwise. 

It’s tempting to take advantage of such information in all projects, but it’s a good idea to question whether you should try to do it yourself or leave it to the experts. If you have doubts, it’s usually best to reconsider. 

Let’s go over our list of the top 8 jobs you shouldn’t do yourself. 

1. Carpet Fitting

A carpet fitting may sound easy, but anyone who has attempted it will tell you it requires some skill and the purchase (or rental) of some power tools to complete the job. If it’s not done right, you won’t have matching lines, and you will have edges that fray and rip, ruining the clean new look you worked so hard to create. 

You may not have enough carpet to cover the whole area, or your carpet tacks might be showing. With so many variables that could go wrong, it’s best to contact the experts to get the job done right. 

2. Electrical

Electrical issues are common in older homes. It may seem like something minor – a socket not working is relatively easy to fix yourself. But the truth is these seemingly minor issues are likely to be connected to more significant and pervasive problems. Don’t get in over your head on this one.

Any electrical repairs are potentially dangerous to the one repairing them. A wrong move could cause a fire or other serious injury. If you have some knowledge, you might be able to get away with some minor repairs on your own and rent a power generator as an electrical backup for your tools — refrigerated items while you’re working on the electricity. But, overall, your best bet is to consult the professionals. 

3. Removing Asbestos

Asbestos occurs naturally, and people used to use it for insulation in their homes and businesses for decades. It worked well for heat and electricity and even as an acoustic barrier. However, scientists later discovered that the substance was highly toxic and it has previously been banned. 

Eventually, the ban lifted, and lawmakers allowed trace amounts of asbestos in some products. But it’s no longer used in large quantities for insulation. 

Asbestos abatement teams usually get hired for commercial buildings. For your home, it may seem like doing it yourself is simple. However, there are many reasons to consult a professional. You could not only expose yourself to the toxic substance, but you also risk breaking laws in the process and exposing other people around you to harmful particles (a potential crime as well). 

4. Plumbing

Water will find a way out if there is one. A minor leak can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage if not discovered in time. Some of these repairs can be seemingly easy to do yourself, and some might be, but there are risks to consider. 

Plumbing gone wrong can have serious problems. You could cause a pipe to burst, boiler damage, flooding, and many more expensive problems. If you call a plumber, they’re likely to have more knowledge than you and a strategy for most any situation to mitigate damage and repair time. They also carry insurance for the unlikely scenario in which they mess it up, so you won’t have to worry about mistakes costing you more money. 

5. Structures

There can be a lot more to structural work than just knocking out a wall. If you do it without knowing the risks, you could be putting yourself in danger of inflicting structural damage, or even condemning the building or causing a collapse. If you’re pursuing such a project, or something similar like converting a basement, hire a professional. It’s worth it in the long run. 

6. Tiles

Many people handle laying tile themselves without issue. Straight walls are easy to do. But it’s tedious. People get impatient, and impatience causes mistakes. If you are sure you have the patience and time, you’ll likely be fine doing it yourself. But, be honest with yourself. If you’re worried about it, hire a professional. Tile is hard to get up once it’s laid, so this is a job you want to go right the first time.

7. Repairing Roofing

The most significant risk when it comes to repairing a roof is quite evident: You might fall. Roof repairs like replacing a few shingles are deemed relatively simple, so you can often do it yourself. But, it’s tough getting up and down a roof, especially with tools and supplies needed to do the job. 

Repairing roofs is also very exhausting for one who doesn’t repair them regularly.  So, if it’s not something you have expertise in, it’s best to leave it to the professionals, rather than risk leaks, mold, or falling from height. 

8. Repairing Gas Appliances

A home may have many appliances running on gas. Ovens, water heaters, and clothes driers may all typically run on gas. Repairs aren’t necessarily what gets people in trouble. Sometimes it’s moving the appliance, like moving a stove when laying tile. Many people feel like simple tasks are easy to do themselves. But, this kind of thinking gets people in trouble. 

Gas finds leaks where they are available. So, turning the gas off and on may seem like a simple task, but it’s also one that can be easy to make a mistake. If you don’t do the job carefully, you could cause a severe accident—carbon monoxide poisoning is just one possible danger, in line behind fires, explosions, or worse. 

Be Prepared For Your Next Project

If you are going to DIY, do it right.

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