Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With An Air Compressor

Air compressors have dozens of uses. Most are familiar with their application as it pertains to inflating car tires at the gas station or at a work site running a multitude of tools that use compressed air.

While we are familiar with their more common applications on construction sites and at home in our garages, air compressors have way more uses than you may be aware of. When it comes to the many uses of air compressors, you could be missing out on getting that extra help you need with a project or a use you don’t even know of yet! Here is a list of the 15 coolest and most helpful things you didn’t know an air compressor could help you with.

First, let’s look at the basics:

What Is An Air Compressor And What Does It Do?

Air compressors are pneumatic machines that convert power into potential energy by using an electric, diesel or gas engine. They work by forcing air into a storage container and pressurizing the air. The air is then forced through a small opening in the tank for whatever use you may need it for. They come in many shapes and sizes and offer a wide range of uses, many of which will be detailed below.

Typical Uses For Air Compressors:

Before we get to the unique jobs an air compressor does, let’s go over the most common uses. Maybe you’ll find one or two in this list you didn’t know about even on this list:

  • Add air to your car tires
  • Power air tools like staple guns, drills, hammers, and more
  • Driving ventilators and incubators that provide uncontaminated air  
  • Rotary screw compressors ensure food in packing plants is sealed air tight
  • Farms rely heavily on air compressors, with their sprayers, pumps and crop conveyors being powered by them
  • Pressure washers are powered by compressed air
  • Vehicle engines use air compressors for heating and cooling and bigger trucks have air brakes 

Unique Uses For Air Compressors

Now that you know how they work and what they are used for most commonly, let’s find out the most uncommon and interesting ways you can use your air compressor:

  • Messy garage? Driveway? Yard? First put on some goggles and then use your air compressor to clean up any debris, junk or dirt fast and give your broom a break
  • Show off your artistic side by hooking up your airbrush to a small air compressor and watch it take your art to new heights
  • If an airbrush is too small for your taste, you can hook your air compressor up to a larger hose and (with practice!) use it to paint larger areas. Some people have even painted their entire cars or houses with air compressor paint gun
  • Move over tires! You can use your air compressor to inflate pool toys and innertubes for fun in the sun.
  • Weeds invading your yard? Combine seed pits, cornmeal and shells and blast them out with compressed air to destroy any weeds in your yard in mere seconds. 
  • After you wash your car at home, use your air compressor to dry your car off and avoid those pesky water marks
  • Need help prying something free? Paint chips hard to scrape off? Use your air compressor to help remove items that may be stuck on surfaces.
  • Build a sandblasting cabinet and use your air compressor to sandblast or beadblast parts, models, wood, and anything else

As you can see, air compressors aren’t just for construction sites. They are incredibly versatile and their uses are widespread over many applications, both at home and at the work site. No matter what you need an air compressor for, it will do the job you need and about a dozen more that you didn’t even know you needed! 

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