Things You Can Do With A Heavy Duty Stapler

Have you found yourself thinking, “I’d love to get started on some projects around the house, I just don’t know the right tool to get started”? Well, look no further than the Heavy Duty Stapler, a versatile tool for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike!

Today, we’ll take a look at the different types of heavy-duty staplers, as well as their multiple applications, and how to safely utilize this versatile tool!

Different Types of Heavy Duty Staplers

Manual Stapler

Most staplers come in a Manual format, meaning it requires the actual physical strength of the user to accomplish the task of physically pushing the stapler into the chosen medium. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to manual staplers. 

You are able to move freely without cords or bulky battery packs, and easily store it in a tool belt. You should, however, consider the physical strain that can come from repetitive use, especially in staplers that require more force to drive the staple into the object. 

Powered Stapler

These staplers use an outside power source —either a battery pack or wall outlet — to drive the staple into the object. These are a great option for projects that require a large number of staples to be inserted into something, and projects that require great amounts of physical force, such as large stacks of paper, roofing, or steel/aluminum. 

Things to consider are the size of the area in which you have to work, as some powered staplers can be quite bulky, and access to power outlets for charging or any applicable power cables. 

Pneumatic Stapler

The third type of stapler is pneumatic staple guns, which are very powerful. They use compressed air to drive the staple deep into the material. You might choose this type if you would prefer not to use a manual stapler, but also want to get the job done quickly and efficiently the first time. Things to consider about this application are that you will need to own or rent an air compressor along with the pneumatic stapler to power it, as it is powered entirely by compressed air.

Project Ideas For A Heavy Duty Stapler

Reupholster Old Furniture

Whether it’s an old chair from college, a hand-me-down from a relative, or a lucky find on social media, we all have an old piece of furniture that’s been sitting around needing a facelift. Luckily, with a heavy-duty stapler and a roll of trendy new fabric, you can make your old furniture look brand new. Remove the old staples with some pliers, carefully remove the old fabric, stretch the new fabric on the frame, and staple it on!

Putting up Plywood

If you’re putting up plywood, the common method would be to use a nailgun. However, nails can easily shred through lighter materials like plywood. Heavy-duty staplers, on the other hand, can hold the plywood in place without threatening to tear it apart, unlike staple guns. If you have a project like a subfloor or roofing plywood, a Heavy Duty Stapler is ideal. 


Whether building a fence in a garden or building an enclosure for livestock, heavy-duty staplers are the tool for the job in all applications. Special staples have been designed for fencing applications, made to drive deep into the wood and then split at the tip once at a sufficient depth to create a strong hold on the fencing material. 


Flooring is often more than meets the eye, and a bigger project than most care to think about. First, the plywood subfloor attaches to joists, then the underlayment on top to provide soundproofing as well as protection from moisture and heat. Depending on the area where the flooring is being laid, a special layer may be put down to help guard against extra moisture.

Luckily, specialized heavy-duty staplers have been made to help with all of these tasks. Generalized heavy-duty staplers help to lay down plywood, and underlayment is easy. Special made carpet laying staplers are made just to lay down carpet at an angle, and to ease the strain on repetitive motions that come with large applications.

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