Should You Rent or Buy Lawn and Yard Equipment?

In simpler times, renting a lawnmower or other lawn and yard equipment wasn’t a widely available option. These days, however, things have changed considerably. The tool and equipment rental industry has moved into lawn, yard, construction, and even power tools, putting everything you need to complete a project at your fingertips when you need it, for however long you need it.

But should you rent or own your lawn and yard tools? Besides ownership itself, is there any difference between the two? Regardless of whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, choosing between renting and owning lawn equipment could save you money and make your work easier or prove to be just the opposite. Take the following points into consideration before making your decision.

What is Your Budget?

Whenever you’re eyeing new power tools or lawn equipment, it’s hard to ignore the associated price tags. Whether you can afford to purchase an item is the first factor you should consider when debating buying or renting equipment. If you need scaffolds for your project but can’t afford them, rental may be the only option available to you. 

You may find your budget isn’t an issue if you’re purchasing just an individual piece of equipment, but if you need multiple pieces at one time for a short period, renting will save you money in the long term.

How Often Will You Use It?

Owning all of your equipment can be a point of pride for some, but it can be impractical to buy something you’ll only use infrequently or in particular situations. Something you would have reason to use regularly, like a mower or hedge trimmers, is often reasonable to purchase. But paying full price for a framing nail gun or air compressor you don’t intend to use regularly is a potential waste. 

If you keep track of your spending, you’ll find that renting items you use multiple times a season or year, like snow blowers or leaf blowers, may eventually cost more than if you had bought it. When trying to determine frequency in this way, be sure to keep an eye on what you’re actually spending.

Do You Have Storage Space?

Even if you can afford all of the tools and equipment you want to own, where will you keep it all? You may have a garage, a shed, or even a dedicated workshop, but space, much like money, is limited.

If you decide that you can afford something and make regular use of it, ask yourself if you’ll reasonably store it. Hand tools are easy enough, but larger pieces like air compressors, tractors, and stump grinders all take up larger spaces. Renting such equipment mitigates potential storage difficulties. 

Can You Maintain It?

Blades wear down, and mechanisms break. Parts need replacing or repairs when used over time. Everyday wear happens and isn’t indicative of misuse, but maintaining your lawn equipment is vital to its long-term health. Certain types of repairs can become expensive very quickly, but regular maintenance and upkeep can help reduce these costs or prevent the need for repairs entirely.

Of course, the costs associated with maintaining and repairing tools you own comes out of your pocket. Renting is different, however. Many rental companies will not charge you for everyday wear and tear from their equipment’s regular, intended use. Part of your rental fee goes towards this maintenance. For a one-off project, renting offers a much lower cost.

Be sure to read the details in the rental agreement. What they define as damage could be very different from your idea. Likewise, they may have limitations on what types of damage they cover and how much before billing you the rest. 

When Will You Make Back the Costs?

So far, we’ve focused mostly on the issue from a hobbyist’s perspective, so let’s look at it from another angle. When professionals are considering new equipment, they should still look at the same factors as everyone else. However, they have a unique aspect to consider: profit.

It’s usually best to own the equipment you use most often, if only because it’s more cost-efficient. But what should you do when you come across a job that requires specialized equipment? For example, most of us don’t own trenchers. If you choose to purchase the equipment, you’ll pay a higher cost and, in exchange, have the tool on hand if you need it in the future. 

You’ll make the money back eventually with your business, but how long will it take? And how will your operations be affected by the temporary setback? Regardless of if your buy or rent new tools, the cost will eat into your bottom line. But the lower cost of renting means that you’ll recover the costs faster. Once again, if saving money is essential to you, renting is the superior choice. 

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