Power Tool Safety Tips

The use of power tools at the construction site and at home is very commonplace and so are the injuries that come with improper use and unsafe practices. Hundreds of thousands of injuries occur every year due to accidents with power tools and hand tools. These mishaps can happen just by someone not reading the instructions or simply even not turning a tool off properly.

Luckily, these types of mistakes can be avoided almost completely by being able to recognize potential hazards and taking precaution before, during and after use. The following tips will help anyone who is new to power tools and even give the adept some extra education to stay safe on the job or at home.

Read the Instructions

All power tools come with instruction manuals and it is important to read them before use if you’ve never picked one up or if it’s been a while since you’ve safely used that particular tool. Using a power tool improperly is the easiest and most dangerous way to get injured. 

Not only does an instruction manual demonstrate the use of the tool, it can also prove how to troubleshoot problems, clean the tool and provide the best safety tips for that particular piece of equipment. 

Wear Safety Equipment

Knowing proper handling of a power tool is the first step and the next is to make sure you are protected when the tool is in use. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential to power tool safety. You will want to purchase:

  • Protective glasses or goggles
  • Gloves for your hands that fit and grip well
  • Face mask to protect from inhaling dangerous dust or debris
  • Safety helmet if working in dangerous environment
  • Ear plugs for the louder tools to protect your hearing

Keep Work Area Clean

Make sure that your work area or job site is clean and free of any dust or debris that could get in your way or cause you to slip. If there is anything flammable near the equipment, turn off that equipment and move or clean right away. Hot tools or the sparks they can make could cause a fire. 

If you are working from home, make sure your space is child-proof before, during and after you are in the space by removing starter keys and locking up anything dangerous out of reach.

Inspect Tools Regularly

All of the tools you own or rent need periodic checks to ensure safety. Routine inspections of tools old and new can save you time and money in the long run. Check your tools for cracks, breakage, exposed wires and damaged plugs regularly and replace anything that is found immediately. 

Use Adequate Lighting 

A workplace with poor lighting can cause injury as all power tools need your focus and concentration fully and in a dimly lit area, that is near impossible. 

Turn Off Your Tools

Make sure to always turn off your power tools when you are finished. Leaving them on “stand by” mode or plugged in can cause serious issues. Someone could come by and not realize the tool is still on or you could forget you left it on stand by and seriously injure yourself, a co-worker or a family member. The best way to prevent accidents is to always make sure your tool is off and put away carefully at the end of the day. 

Power Tool Safety Rules

Here are even more safety tips for power tools:

  • If the power tool has a three-prong plug, make sure it is plugged into a three-prong outlet.
  • Make sure your feet are planted on a firm, stable surface.
  • Never carry tools up a ladder by hand. Instead, use a bucket or bag to carry them to the top. 
  • Never use your power tools in a wet or damp environment.
  • Never rush your work and pay attention to the task at hand.
  • Make sure all guards are in place and working.
  • Make sure the tool’s cutters and blades are clean, sharp and securely in place.
  • Never use tools that are damaged or malfunctioning. 
  • Never carry a tool by its cord or hose.
  • Always use the right tool for the right job. Do not substitute!

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