Masonry: The Tools You Need

Masonry is a highly durable form of construction/home improvement that is popular around the world due to its many advantages and applications, utilizing brick and stone to create lasting structures. When you work on a construction site or even if you decide to do some brick or stone work around the house for a DIY project, masonry is a great choice to get specific results and ensure durability that holds up for years to come.

When you start a masonry project, big or small, you have to make sure you have the right tools for the job. The correct tools can help you make sure the job is done properly and help you get it done safely. Masonry tools are intuitive and easy on the pocketbook as well. Here is a look at the essential equipment that will be required for your next masonry project at home or on the construction site.

Protective Gear

Before you break out the masonry tools and start laying down any type of stone, you will first need to protect yourself. Here’s a list of the safety equipment you will want to use when you do masonry work:

  • Safety Glasses: must have to protect your eyes and can be used over and over on a variety of projects. 
  • Face Shield: Extra level of protection for your face, especially when using any cutting or grinding tools.
  • Respirator/Mask: Another must have that can be used at a variety of jobs, but with masonry specifically, it helps you not inhale any of the dust when cutting and sawing into stone or brick.
  • Ear plugs/Hearing Protection: Loud noises from certain tools can cause serious hearing injury over time, so hearing protection is a must. 
  • Gloves: Rough stones and hard impact from working with such rough materials can be hard on your hands, so invest in a great pair of gloves protect your hands and prevent slippage when using tools.

Essential Masonry Tools

Mason’s Hammer

A mason’s hammer is one of the signature tools of masonry at all skill levels. This hammer has two distinct sides, each with a specific purpose. The flat end is used like any other hammer while the sharp end is used like a chisel that can cut around lines of stone or brick. Both sides are complementary to the work that is needed for basic or even more advanced masonry.


The trowel is another signature tool used in masonry that is necessary to any project. A trowel is a wedge-shaped tool with a handle that is used to scoop up mortar (cement and sand mixture) and spread it onto the brick or stone you are about to place. If the stone is set down and shown to be off-kilter, the handle can be used to tap it into place and correct the alignment. Trowels come in many different sizes and shapes which can be used for more specialized tasks.

Power Saws

Power saws are invaluable to helping cut larger portions of hard material such as brick or stone. Both table- and handheld saws are necessary for masonry. As indicated by their names, these can be mounted for precision cuts or handheld for portable use.                                                           

Mason’s Level

No matter what kind of job you are doing, having level lines is a must for every project. Mason’s levels are made of metal or wood and are typically quite lightweight. This tool is essential for establishing vertical or plumb lines and horizontal or level lines. 

Other Essential Tools For Masonry:

  • Jointers
  • Mortar Pan
  • Tape Measure
  • Wire Brush
  • Mason’s Line
  • Blocking Chisel
  • Mashing Hammer

While masonry requires practice and patience to master, with the proper tools and knowledge, you can conquer whatever project you put your mind to. Do-it-yourself masonry work can be highly satisfying as well as a very valuable craft to learn. With its breadth of knowledge to discover and easily accessible tools, masonry is a handy trade that can keep a craftsman or DIY enthusiast busy with projects and tasks around the house for years.

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