Identifying & Repairing Common Pressure Washer Problems: How To Troubleshoot Your Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is among the most convenient outdoor cleaning tools you can invest in today. Most of your tasks, particularly deep cleaning your property, will be much easier and more efficient when using it. What’s more, your washer can easily remove dirt accumulation around your home and maintain your vehicles’ clean effortlessly.

Pressure washers are long-lasting and will provide you with excellent service for many years. However, as with any machine, your unit may eventually break down due to repeated use. Luckily, some of the problems you will experience are minor, and you can repair them yourself without difficulty at home.

With all that in mind, here is a list of common problems that your pressure washer may experience as well as tips on how you can resolve them.

1. Low Pressure

Low pressure is a common complaint about pressure washer units. The presence of low pressure can be due to a variety of factors, including insufficient water, faulty valve seal fixation, air leakage in the inlet, worn nozzle, a restricted inlet, discharge valve leakage, and unclean inlet. You can inspect these components to see which one is malfunctioning.

Accordingly, you can diagnose the issue and enhance the pressure-flow by following this guide:

  • Check that the detergent container is loaded and that the pickup screen is completely immersed in detergent.
  • Change or clean the nozzle.
  • Ensure that there is enough water entering the washer. Check the faucet for inlet water-screen,  filters, and clogged hoses. Verify that all of the fittings are secure and that you aren’t too distant from the source.

2. Engine Won’t Start

If the engine won’t start after a long period of sitting and you notice it’s sparking and has enough oil, there’s a high probability the carburetor is clogged with old fuel. Allow a small amount of old fuel to drip out by opening the carburetor drain plug.

However, if it still won’t begin after tightening everything back up and checking the choke, oil, and other things, you may have a partial blockage in the carburetor passages. It is necessary to disassemble and remove the carburetor before cleaning it with a carburetor cleaner.

3. Pressure Washer is Leaking

Pressure washers have several seals that can break and may require pressure washer service. A pressure washing unit is filled with seals, and any one of them can malfunction when you turn it on. Leaks typically form throughout a season, so if you have utilized your pressure washer for a year, start inspecting the seals every six months to guarantee they are not cracked or worn out, and replace any that are.

In addition, at least twice a year, examine your seals and change any that seem to be worn out. It’s worth noting that oil leaks are also common. The following are the most common ones who are encountering issues:

  • Outlet seals
  • Piston seals
  • Inlet seals

4. Running Rough

Whenever the water is running rough, the machine may create sounds like it’s suffocating. Nine times out of ten, it is because of inlet water being too hot.  To test if the situation improves, simply use cold water. Even if you have only been using cold water, this can also occur. The reason is that if the pressure washer is left outside, the sun could heat up water trapped in a hose.

A shortage of air flowing through the inlet plumbing is another factor that might induce the pressure washer to run rough. You must possess the proper balance of air and water in the system to generate pressure. Whether you have confirmed that the rough running isn’t related to hot water, check the air filter in the pressure washer to monitor if it needs replacing.

5. Ineffective Cleaning

When your pressure washer isn’t cleaning your surfaces efficiently, the solution could be as straightforward as changing the nozzle even though the water pressure appears to be working well. The nozzle you select on your pressure washer can create a significant difference in how useful it is at cleaning certain surfaces. Try consulting a professional to help you figure out which nozzles are ideal for the areas you intend to clean with your pressure washer.

6. Failure Due to Premature Packing

Premature packing failure can occur for a variety of causes. The fluid being pumped may contain an abrasive substance. It could also mean that you use your pressure pump daily without using any water. To keep abrasive objects out of the pump, all you need is effective filtration on the pump. Aside from that, keep the pressure low, the fluid temperature under control, and don’t run the pump without water.

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